Friday, October 06, 2017


It's an apt symbol for our civilization.
It spins round in circles forever,
like the earth about the sun. 
Not only patriotic, it’s clever. 
And not only that, it’s metal,
hard, irresistible and glistening,
as bullets are frequently fatal
and ears are designed for listening.
Listen, listen closely, can’t you hear
it spinning, spinning, spinning?
"In God We Trust, have no fear.
We’re  winning, winning, winning."
Our deliverance is heaven sent.

It’s the Second Amendment.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Vote Against Property Tax Levy

Below is a copy of a letter Jane Murray sent to the Portsmouth Daily Times with her recommendation to vote against the proposed property tax levy on the November ballot.  I heartily endorse her recommendation.
                                                               Robert Forrey

October 06, 2017

Letter to the Editor
Portsmouth Daily Times

I urge all voters to vote AGAINST the proposed property tax levy on the November ballot. It is to fund the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board of Adams, Lawrence and Scioto Counties.

Why should we property owners pay for this? As far as I can determine, this Board merely contracts with other organizations to provide services. Those agencies are able to write grant proposals for drug addiction. The funds available are ever growing. The function of this board has been superseded by the Counseling Center and others so ADAMH should cease to exist – not ask for funds from property taxes.

We property owners who pay our taxes in Scioto County should not be asked to pay for drug addiction services. The former Executive Director of the Counseling Center, Ed Hughes, stated in a public meeting that his agency brings drug addicted people from around the state to our little community.

Vote AGAINST the proposed property taxes that will cost $100 on $100,000 assessed value per year.

Jane Murray