Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kalb's Chickens

Kalb's Chickens Come Home to Roost

1. Writing infamous middle-of-night email and embarrassing city nationally

2. Concocting bogus public record for playground to cover up incompetence

3. Abetting Marting building scam at behest of Marting Foundation

4. Abetting Adelphia building scam at behest of Mike Mearan

Appointing Mike Mearan, of all people, to chair committee for new city building

6. Bungling attempt to fire police chief

7. Driving to Kentucky in a city vehicle to purchase cigarettes and lottery tickets.

8. Helping make Portsmouth laughing stock in his mishandling of Indian Head Rock controversy

Ignoring Grandview Avenue flooding

10. Taking three-hour lunches and three-day weekends

11. Practically giving away Viaduct property to developer

12. Putting substantial raise for himself in city budget during fiscal crisis

13. Presiding over and trying to hide a looming budget deficit until after election