Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bad Boy Basham


Whereas Bad Boy Nicholas Basham, previous to becoming a member of the Portsmouth City Council, was best known, in my opinion, for throwing temper tantrums in the Northwest School District, where he is no longer employed but which he sued before he left; 
·       ·     whereas Basham, as a public school teacher, in my opinion, has set a bad example for young people by operating the Dicken's Pub, which deserves the nickname the Pernicious Pub, on  Portsmouth’s impoverished  East Side, where he glorifies and glamorizes the  consumption of alcohol as if we were back in the Roaring Twenties;

·         ·    whereas the first group Basham tried to lure to  the Pernicious Pub were the students of Shawnee State, offering them special deals that could lead  some of them, in my opinion, down the road to alcoholism;

·        ·    whereas Basham, in my opinion, went on to target as potential customers the public employees of the city of Portsmouth, who fear that their jobs are in jeopardy as a result of Mayor Murray’s determination to reduce the operating costs of city government;

·         ·    whereas Basham has established “Happy Hours” for public employees at the Pernicious Pub, offering them drinks at reduced prices, trying, in my opinion,  to get them hooked not only on the alcoholic “Happy Hours” that sometimes lead  to “Years of Misery,” but also to enlist them in  the Hate Jane Murray Movement  that he and Ward Five councilman John Haas are waging as part of their effort to recall her from office;

·         ·    whereas Basham, in my opinion, following the lead of Haas, has engaged publicly  in the campaign to recall Murray, in violation of the City Charter, which states (Sect. 82) that “No person receiving remuneration from the City and holding an appointive office or place in the City government shall act as an officer of a political organization, take part in a political campaign, serve as a member of a committee of any such organization, or circulate, or seek signatures to any petition provided for by primary or election laws, or act as a worker in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office;

·         ·    whereas Nicholas Basham, for these and sundry other reasons, is unfit, in my opinion, for public office, he should be recalled forthwith from such office by the residents of Ward Three as is allowed for in the Portsmouth City Charter.