Friday, December 16, 2011

Wanted for Pilfering from the C.I.P. Fund

The Portsmouth City Council for Pilfering from the Capital Improvement Fund

Jim “Dopey” Kalb
Bankrupt head of the Capital Improvement Pilferers.
Chief parasite on the body politic of Portsmouth.

Trent “The Enabler” Williams
The Auditor who cooks the books

Mike “Donut Hole” Jones
The heavily mortgaged clueless city lawyer

John “Deadbeat” Haas.
Bankrupt President of City Council
who cares more for cars than kids.

Rich “One for the Road” Saddler.
The “Portsmouth Boy” voted for the motion to pilfer.

Kevin Johnson.
 The failed businessman who was for Kalb as mayor,
 for gambling, for the city manager form of government, 
and for the pilfering of the Capital Improvement fund.

Nick “Thundering Turd” Basham.
Ex-teacher, ex-bar owner, who served half price Pilfer Beer 
to disgruntled city employees conspiring to recall Mayor Murray.

*See the anti-pilfering briefs filed with the court by Frank Gerlach and Jane Murray by clicking here.