Thursday, March 22, 2012

Albrecht's Etch A Sketch

News item: "Romney campaigns on Etch A Sketch platform . . ."

Meanwhile, Jeff Albrecht  . . .

. . . shakes his Etch A Sketch and Presto!  

 The Marting building is replaced by the Fifth Third building
 as the best place to move city government.

Footnote: Bryan, the home of Ohio Art, Inc., makers of Etch A Sketch, is in the very northeast corner of Ohio. Since 1960, more than a hundred million of the buggers have been sold, but since 2000 manufacture of them has been outsourced and off-shored to China! Of course, that number is far short of the number of Oxycontin prescriptions that have been written in southern Ohio, so Bryan is not equal  to Portsmouth when it comes to the numbers game. But Bryan does happen to be the home of Horace G. Prettyman, the first Ohioan to play football for the University of Michigan. I happen to have bought at an auction in Athens, Ohio, a cap worn by Prettyman, but it was stolen when my car was broken into several years ago in Portsmouth. Below is a photo of the cap. I have heard from a private detective I hired that a cap of that same description has since been sold at an another auction in Athens, Ohio, an auction that was reportedly rigged, but I have been unable to confirm that rumor.