Sunday, December 16, 2012


On-line billboard with names of kids killed in Newtown, Conn.

Who Kills Kids?

“Death toll in Connecticut shooting up to 27”
“The husband of a Notre Dame schoolteacher walked into his wife’s fifth grade classroom
 where he shot  her, later killing himself after a stand-off with police.”  Portsmouth, Ohio 2008
                                                                                   News reports

We think we’ve guns sort of under control
But we most definitely don’t.
We think we’ll remember the Newtown toll,
But pretty  soon we probably won’t.
Who recalls that day in 1927, when
A  school board member killed  forty-five children,
Blasted  everyone of them to heaven
In a grade school bloodbath in Michigan?
What no nun could possibly teach her—
Or prophetic priest at a high Mass—
The husband of a parochial teacher
Shot her in front of her fifth grade class.
But don’t blame psychos or the handcuffed fuzz:
Guns don’t kill kids—the NRA does.

                                         Robert Forrey


I sent my post “What Kills Kids?” to a dozen or so friends, and this is the response from one of them.  Since Ray’s thinking or non-thinking  on the gun issue is probably shared by a number of other friends, as well as millions of Americans, I am adding his response here.