Saturday, July 12, 2014

Snuffy Says Sitty Manager Virgin' on Nervus Brakedown

Zounds! It sez hear the sitty man’ger  Allen aftur ownly six moons on the job writ a scaything five-page litter denuncing everbuddy. Allen sez,  “The level of dysfunction is far greater than I could have ever imagined when I accepted the position of city manager.” It sounds as if Allens virgin' on a nervus brakedown for witch he’s gonna soo the sitty, shure as shootin’.

Becaws wee gut a new city man'ger,  First Weardoe  concilman Kevin W. Johnson cawlled  for a new sitty seal befittin' the dingity of Porchmouth. The won above contributed by sitty man'ger Allen was knot a contender. This was bee four Allen fowned owt just how dissfunctional  owr sitty govinment is.

Heres the entree  of yours trewly to the sitty seel contest,
in witch I aimed to put the fun back in dissfunctional.

The winner of the sitty seel contest feeturing 
First Weardoe concilman Johnson