Thursday, November 06, 2014

The Houses of Hughes and Vernier

Vernier's $425,000 house and 2.5 acres on a hill in West Portsmouth

Who’s the more remote caregiver?
Hughes prefers a house on a hill with a view.
Vernier prefers a hill near the river.
Hughes owns one big house, Vernier two.

Like teetotalers selling booze to souses,
Or the Wolf pimping for Red Riding Hood,
They profit from putting halfway drug houses 
In somebody else’s neighborhood.

Hughes' big house on a hill in Sciotoville

Some call Vernier a crook, he says he ain’t.
He christened his real estate company Blessed.
His addicted  “clients” consider him a saint,
But he’s less Joan of Arc and more Mae West.

They say Hughes is worth multi-million,
That he’s got the coroner in his corner.
He's sort of like a hooker at a cotillion
Snatching the plum from Jack Horner.

The plum's the Counseling Center
With its front-end—Compass Point Housing—
And its rear-end, like a centaur,
Badly in need of delousing.

A centaur badly in need of delousing


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