Thursday, April 30, 2015

All Aboard to Go Backwards!

The crooked conductor on the Twentieth Century Ltd. 

All Aboard for those wanting to go backwards! 
Be sure to vote for the tax increase on Tuesday's 
May 5th election so that we can continue
the same corrupt city government that has got us
in the financial mess we're now in 
and the municipal unions, the police and fire
in particular can continue to dictate fiscal policy
for the city which cannot reduce the number
of police and fire employees because they got
the corrupt politicians to add to the city charter
an amendment that prevents the city government 
from reducing their number even though the city
now has less than half the population it once had.

All aboard! All aboard! Vote to provide
the city government with  millions of dollars
more to misspend on projects like Ameresco  
and  to pay inflated prices for worthless buildings 
such as Marting's and New Century Cable
which have sat empty, rotting, for over
a decade while bankrupt failed businessmen
and lawyers get appointed and elected to public office
where they tell the public to vote for tax increases
so that a failed proprietor of an antique store
can get the city government changed to city manager
so that he can be the acting acting mayor
and tell others how to run the city 
when he was a failure as an antiques store
proprietor who wasn't able to provide  
the city with so much as an antique pot to piss in. 

All aboard! All aboard! Get on the express
train backward to hell, the Twentieth Century Limited,
which  makes stops at the Marting's and the New Century buildings
but avoids Grandview Avenue because of the periodic 
flooding that is the result of city mismanagement.

All aboard! All aboard! Those of you making $50,000
a year will only have to pay an additional $250 in taxes
and those of you making a mean family income
of $23,000 will have to pay even less and those 
who are unemployed or homeless won't have to pay nothing.

So get aboard. The train will be backing out of the station
next Tuesday, May 5th, and if you vote for the increase
we will be backing up to the Twentieth Century, 
maybe as far back as the 1950s when Marting's
was doing a bustling business, when we had a city manager,
and when the Counseling Center did not exist 
and was not attracting thousands of prostitutes 
and drug addicts to Portsmouth and Ike was in the White House.

Below is the business, an upscale antique shop,
that our acting acting mayor and his partner
opened in Portsmouth, which was like opening
a tattoo parlor next to a nunnery in Nebraska.
It didn't make much business sense, which may be why
he  campaigned to bring gambling to Portsmouth,
because high rollers might have frequented
an upscale antique shop, whereas the unemployed
and street people are not into upscale antiques.
Like other business failures, the proprietor
went into politics, where he now presumes
to know just how to run the city,
only instead of peddling upscale antiques
and gambling on the future of Portsmouth
he is now advocating increasing taxes
and urging everybody to get on board
because the train on which he is the conductor
will be backing out of the station next Tuesday
and you better be on board if you don't want
to be left behind and miss those $50,000 a year
jobs for which you'll only have to pay $250
a year in taxes. ALL ABOARD! ALL ABOARD!