Sunday, December 06, 2015

Missmanajin' the Dang Sewers

Iz thare 'nother sity in 'merica
that haz more relijion
and less moral'ty than Porchmuth,
or haz the likes of Kevin W. Jonsun,

who, after messin' up on sity counsil,
throes hiz hat in the ring
fur the county commissioners
where the payz more to his likin'?

Iz thare 'nother sity in 'merica
that 'points a leprechaun imp
to itz corrupp sity counsil,
a notorious drug-deeling pimp

who, when he wuz called a shyster,
sued fur defecation of caricature,
which produced lotz and lotz of lafter.
In any other sity he’d a bin in stir.

Iz thare 'nother sity in 'merica
who’d hire a convicted purjuror,
a carpitbugger from Pickwa,
as itz hi-payed sity manajer?

Iz thare 'nother sity in 'merica
that haz more addicks purr capita,
includin' old ladyz in tennis shoos
and an ordrained won in taffeta?

Iz thare 'nother sity in 'merica
ware bankruptures and crooks govurn,
and ware the Wall of Fame clames
itz hospitil and suthurn

wen we all nose its Applatchin,
fur better or more orphin wurse,
ware McCoys talk only to Kobs
and Kobs do nothing but curse?

Iz thare 'nother sity in 'merica
ware the drawers and hewers,
like in Joshooa 9:23,
cant even manij the dang sewers?

Iz thare 'nother sity in 'merica
that haz more trouble flushing it?  
Iz thare 'nother sity in 'merica
that iz more full of it?

         Snuffy Smith, 2015

Dammit, Dreck Allen, my outhouse washed away!