Thursday, May 03, 2012

Survey of Men About Town

"Dubya," Rob "Porkman," and "the Baggage."

Does  Rob Portman have too much Bush baggage to be Romney's running mate?

"There's no way Portman is going to get the bikers' vote. He has no balls. The guy's a closet kayaker." 

"Not only is Portman not going to get the bikers' vote, he's not going to get the accountants' either. The guy has no head for figures. Look what he did when he was Bush's budget adviser."

"I say homosexuality is an abomination but adultery is no sin and carrying someone else's baggage isn't either. I've been carrying Neal Hatcher's for years and I wouldn't be mayor if I didn't. Have you seen my Go for it, Lord! bumper sticker?"

"I wouldn't vote for anyone who's not a FOK, or haven't you seen my Friend of Kevin's bumper sticker?"

"I subscribe to the proverb. which is on the bumper of my seventeen sports cars,  Never marry a virgin or vote for a politician who has not been bankrupt at least once."

"With my bumper sticker, Designated Bumptious Stinker, I would say Portman's nice guy reputation would be a definite hindrance for him as vice president. What he should do is open a bar and offer drinks at half price to all independent voters."