Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jesus Walking on Water on Grandview Avenue

Jesus Walking on Water on Grandview Avenue
1. Jesus  2. Wastewater Director  3. Rat  4. Devil's Disciple  5. Auditor  6. Solicitor              
7. Unelected Mayor   8. Hepzibah

O, shit! Not another flood?
Havent they got it under control?
No, fixing downspouts was a dud,
Money poured down a rat hole.

O say can you see
The solicitor in this spoof?
The pawn of the S.O.M.C.—
Hes mortgaged through the roof.    

Duncan’s been fired more than once.
He only knows how to sue.
The rat chews out the dunce
Up to his neck in do-do. 

A preacher of pretense,
In the rear is our unelected mayor,
Because he’s terminally dense,
He doesn’t have a prayer.

Unable to add, subtract, or think 
About accounting rules he loves to flout, 
The auditor’s drowning in red ink, 
But charge-offs bail him out.

And what of that sourpuss,
The devils disciple, giving us the finger?
We wish, like Christ, we could walk on water, 
But we’re just recycled through the wringer.